8 Projector Stand Ideas You Can Make Use of

Few inventions in the multimedia field compare to the digital projector. They’ve advanced so much that you can now take the movies back in your home in a truly cinematic fashion. No longer will you need to huddle around the TV screen to watch your movies.

You can get to watch movies cinema-style instead. However, setting everything up can be quite the challenge, if not outright annoying. Thankfully, you can use stands or tablets to mount your projector without needing to install them into your ceiling or walls.

Should You Make Your Own Projector Stands or Buy Them?

Should you make your own projector stands or buy ready-made projector stands? It depends on the situation. If your existing table works best with your projector with only a little adjustment in terms of shelf or surface height, you can technically turn it into a DIY projector stand.

However, building a new projector stand from scratch requires a lot more out of you. You need engineering and woodworking skills you might not have. You can make use of old hand-me-down stands used for projector-based business presentations, meetings, and so forth.

As much as possible, for the average projector owner and homeowner, the best bet remains investing in projector stands and looking into getting ones that fit the décor of your home or has a limited footprint in smaller homes.

8 Projector Ideas You Can Make Use of

Without further ado, here are 8 projector stand ideas you can try out.

1. Multifunctional Projector Tripod

The simplest projector stand option? The multifunctional projector tripod. Amazon classifies such stands as multifunctional because they don’t only house projectors. They can also serve as tables for laptops, tablets, and even books. You can use them as stands for most anything.

The stand can be widely used for applications such as meetings, speeches, presentations, disk jockeying, concerto performances, and (of course) keeping your projector steady and balanced as you watch whichever movie or TV show tickles your fancy at the moment.

Multifunctional Projector Tripod

2. Double Post or Pipe Projector Stand

In order to make your projector stand wobble less so that you won’t have to readjust its placement and “squareness” relative to the projection screen it’s projecting on, you should avail of the double post projector stand. Instead of just one metal tube supporting a shelf or surface, it uses two tubes.

The double tubes, pipes, or posts design makes for a more balanced stand that offers superior support for projectors, music books, notebooks, laptops, DJ sound equipment, and various audio/video devices used when watching movies care of the projector.

Double Post or Pipe Projector Stand 1

3. High-Quality Stainless Steel Projector Stand

A high-quality metal projector stand will naturally cost you more but it’s worth the investment. Just make sure it also features a durable and dependable tripod base or perhaps wheels for mobile transportation of the projector in question as well as a tray with 180° rotation.

This projector stand should also offer height adjustment with its safety pin so that you won’t have to add phone books or bibles below it to get it to the right height of your projector screen. This also keeps you from needing to do lens shifts or zooms on the part of your projector.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Projector Stand

4. Forklift-Style Projector Stand

You can also purchase a forklift-style projector stand. Characterized by its wheelbarrow design, this projector stand offers the mobility of certain stand designs so that you won’t have to lift the stand in order to move it around the house or living room.

The wheels could be composed of two primary wheels up front where the projector faces and two secondary support wheels at the back to allow you to wheel the stand around with ease when push comes to shove.

Forklift-Style Projector Stand 1

5. Two-Shelf Projector Stand

Instead of availing of a multipurpose stand, you can instead opt for a projector stand or a stand specifically made for projectors. Such stands “stand out” because they have an extra shelf or three available for the media sources of your projector, such as a laptop or a DVD/BD player.

Be careful when shopping for such two-shelf, three-shelf, or multi-shelf projector stands though. Some use shelves that precariously jut out and risks having your laptop accidentally drop at a single bump. Find more solid stands to work with.

Two-Shelf Projector Stand

6. Adjustable Neck Projector Stand

Aside from multi-functional tripod stands for various devices, you can also avail of a projector stand mount with a moveable goose neck. This way, you can move the upper shelf around instead of the projector itself in order to shift the image in the right way without moving the wheeled tripod.

Their main claim to fame, thusly, involves shelf adjustability that goes beyond the 180° rotation. You can adjust the neck in order to adjust height without messing with the body, swiveling it around like you would your head when looking at something.

1Adjustable Neck Projector Stand

7. Wheeled Tray Stand for Projectors and AV Equipment

Instead of a precarious two-shelf or multi-shelf design, why not go for the much more solid wheeled meal tray design with multiple shelves and adjustable height. Such a design supports heavier projectors, like the really big classic LCD projectors of yore from before the 2010s.

In modern terms, you can use such a wheel cart projector stand to house not only multiple projectors but also HDTVs, DVD players, Blu-Ray Disc players, game consoles, laptops, smatphones, tablets, and so forth in one central hub of a stand.

Wheeled Tray Stand for Projectors and AV Equipment

8. Wooden Shelf on Skateboard Design Projector Stand

This works like a hybrid of the two-shelf projector stand and forklift style projector stand. It’s a wooden projector stand supported by a stick body and made mobile by a four-wheeled board (hence the “skateboard” descriptor).

You can swivel and tilt the neck of the main wooden surface all around to aim your projector properly, but its rotation is much more limited compared to the steel or metal stands featured on this list. It’s a sacrifice of functionality in favor of wooden aesthetics.

1Wooden Shelf on Skateboard Design Projector Stand

To Conclude

Stands work better than mounts on the ceiling or shelves on the wall. Why? Much less labor to deal with when it comes to installing your projector. You can just place the projector on your wheeled stand then move the stand around to get the perfect image fit for your screen.

Thankfully, newer projectors allow you to project and zoom into images with various adjustment features so that projector placement has gotten much simpler than before, about a decade ago, when the tech was much younger.


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Amada Projector Tripod Stand

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