Can I Connect Roku to a Projector? Let’s Find Out!

If you don’t know yet, a Roku Stick is a device you can use for streaming content. If you are not using a Roku TV or smart TV, Roku Stick lets you stream content. You can use it to watch from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Go, and others.

As a device capable of handling high-resolution video processing, it is not surprising that you would be interested in hooking it up to a projector. If you can do that, it will make your movie night even better than before.  But the question you’re asking yourself is, “Can I connect Roku to a projector?”

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Does a Roku Work with Projectors?

The answer is YES. You can connect a Roku stick to a projector. However, it does not work with all projectors. Using Roku together with a projector is a good idea for streaming HD projections if you want to watch content at a bigger screen. With a projector, you can watch anything on a screen bigger than the largest HDTV.

Besides being able to enjoy a wider screen, you can also truly see the quality and full depth of an HD resolution by doing this. You can see if a 1080p or 4K resolution is really great even when you blow it up to the size of a home cinema screen. Well, it is a good thing that HD does look better when projected on bigger screens.

Watching content from streaming sites in HD quality is better when you have a bigger screen to display its actual pixel amount. When you watch a 1080p or 4K HD content on a smaller screen, the image crunches up due to the pixels scrunched up. You can see a 4K’s film detail better if it’s on a screen at least bigger than an average HDTV.

That way, your binge-watching time will be more impressive. The TV series, movies, and dramas you watch will be brighter and clearer than before. One way of doing that is by connecting your Roku Stick with the correct projector. So, to the question, “Can I connect Roku to a projector?” It is definitely yes.

Roku Sticks for Projector Use

What Roku Stick models can you connect with projectors? Both Roku Streaming Stick+ and Roku Express do. These two models come with Wi-Fi direct feature for the remote, which is the most recommended for pairing with a projector. This way, you can connect your projector to Wi-Fi even if it cannot run apps or don’t have its own Wi-Fi.

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It works due to the stick serving as the projector’s Wi-Fi connector and streaming app. Since only Roku Streaming Stick+ and Roku Express have these capabilities, then the two are the only models you can use. They are made precisely for projector use with enough compatibility as plug-and-play devices.

There are Roku Sticks with an infrared feature, which might work with projectors too. The reason why they are not recommended is that switching from channels with these projectors is awkward. It is only slightly less uncomfortable if you are using a rear-projection screen or a short-throw projector.

If you use a Roku Stick with infrared, you can only switch channels by aiming the IR remote control at the projector. However, people are used to aiming their remote at the screen when flipping channels or shows. It is awkward since you need to angle your body where the projector is, whether at the back or overheard, to change services.

With Wi-Fi direct, you don’t have this problem. The connectivity allows you to put the projector anywhere and still control it. Even if you face the other way of the projector, you can quickly flip through channels, pause or search for a new show to watch. Roku Express and Roku Streaming Stick+ can do that for you.

How to Connect Roku to a Projector

You already know you can connect Roku to a Projector, but it has to be a compatible projector. It has to be a projector that accepts high-definition streams, allowing you to stream movies, shows, and documentaries clearly on a big screen. Connecting a Roku Stick to a projector is relatively easy. Here is how to do it:

  1. Plug the stick into the HDMI port where you often hook into your BD or DVD player
  2. If your projector doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI cable for connecting the stick with your projector. See more: Types of Projector Cables and The Projector Converters to Use
  3. If you have an overhead projector and wants to go wireless, use a transceiver on the projector and a receiver on the stick for activating the content

The key here is for the projector to receive the Roku player’s signal. If it does, then you can access Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Disney+, or other streaming services. You can watch your favorite shows comfortably on a widescreen like a home theater.

Setting Up Roku with AVR or Sound Bar

One thing to remember about using a projector to watch movies or show is its built-in speaker does not work well for this. However, you can have a high-fidelity sound even with using Roku by adding a sound system in the setup. With this, your Roku experience becomes more immersive, thanks to clear sound and music.

You can set this up by connecting soundbars or speakers to the projector. They will serve as base, amps, and subwoofers for your makeshift home theater. You will also need an HDMI cable to connect the Roku player to the AVR. In case your projector only has a single HDMI port, use a splitter or link Roku to the AVR and then the projector.

Use a Splitter to Connect Projector and AVR

As mentioned, one way you can connect the projector, AVR, and Roku is by using a splitter. When you use this, you will be splitting the signal from the Roku Stick to the projector and the soundbar or AVR. It will send the video signal to the projector and the sound signal to the sound system or stereo.

Use Bluetooth Speakers for the Sound

If not a splitter, you can use also use Bluetooth speakers. Note, however, that this might depend on the compatibility of the Bluetooth. It’s because a Roku Stick only provides Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, you can access a streaming service only with an interface. Nevertheless, you will have to set up some audio configurations to set this up.

Vintage Projectors vs. Wi-Fi Direct Connectivity

Roku Sticks with Wi-Fi direct connectivity are excellent devices to have when you love to watch movies and stream content. Thanks to them, you can make any non-smart projector into a smart projector, as long as it has an HDMI connection. With a Roku Stick, you can give it streaming abilities.

As you know, a smart projector usually has its own operating system along with Wi-Fi connectivity. If your projector is like this, then you can just download the Hulu, Disney+, or Netflix app directly to it. You don’t need to use the Roku hardware. But with a Roku Stick, you have the advantage of control during streaming, whether to pause or change channels.

On the other hand, it is a little difficult to connect a Roku Stick to an old projector from the 1990s or 2000s. These projectors don’t have an HDMI projector, after all. If you want to use them, you will need to use an HDMI to A/V or an HDMI to the Component converter, allowing you to stick Roku into it.

Why Use Roku for Streaming?

You must know already that there are all types of projectors available today. For one, there are smart projectors with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and even download apps. In short, it can stream content directly from Netflix. But how come people prefer to use Roku for streaming instead?

It’s because of how easy to use Roku is. With smart projectors, you often have to set up or download apps first. Roku makes it easier by being a plug-and-play device. Unless your projector is an old one, you usually just need to stick the device to stream from your projector. That’s why modern projectors work best with Roku Stick.

Roku Stick is also 4K capable. It means if you have a 4K projector, it can work with Roku Stick+ and lets you watch content in the best video and audio quality. You can stream your favorite shows and movies in great detail, clarity, and fidelity. With that, it is no wonder a lot of people like to use Roku Sticks.

Do you want to see how to install a Roku Stick on your projector? Check out this video.


Hopefully, this article answers your question, Not only can you connect it to a projector, but you can also complete the set up with a sound system. Even old projectors work with Roku if you use the correct converters. Creating your makeshift home theater is possible if you have your trusty Roku Stick.


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