Learn How to Connect to a Projector

If you want massive images of videos for movies and TV shows in your home in a theatrical or cinematic way without investing in a huge and expensive HDTV screen, then you should invest in a projector. However, setting them up can take a bit of labor, elbow grease, and some knowledge on different device connections on your part.  Learn how to connect to a projector through this article.

How to Connect Laptop/PC/Windows to Projector

  • Go to the Start button. Select Settings.
  • Afterward, select Multiple Displays then adjust its settings by choosing “Duplicate These Displays” instead of “Extend These Displays”.
  • The latter option is only reserved for multiple monitor setups. You want to mirror your monitor screen on the projector instead.

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How to Connect iMac/Macbook to Projector

  • Connect the Mac to the projector.  Click the top-left Apple Menu. Select System Preferences.
  • Select the Displays icon then go to the Displays window in order to get to the Arrangement tab.
  • Choose Mirror Displays by checking its box then save the changes. Your Mac’s screen is now mirrored.

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05 How to Connect to Projector Wirelessly

How to Connect Surface Pro to Projector

  • The Surface Pro 2-in-1 laptop-tablet hybrid.
  • To connect it to a projector, you simply need a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.
  • Most projectors lack Mini DP ports but instead have HDMI. Most Surface Pro tablets do but lack an HDMI port.
  • After making the connection, use Windows Key + P to toggle between desktop extension to mirroring your display.

How to Connect Android Phone to Projector

  • You can use your Android phone to watch Netflix, do presentations, or play games.
  • The most common connection standards for Android smartphones are HDMI, MHL, or USB-C.
  • A USB-C to HDMI adapter is required to connect a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note8 to a projector.
  • Use a Mini-HDMI cable to connect between the Mini HDMI port of the device and the standard HDMI port of your projector.

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How to Connect Audio/Soundbar Speaker/Bluetooth Speaker to Projector

  • You can connect the media source to the sound system or speaker directly if your projector doesn’t have a built-in speaker.
  • You can connect a soundbar amplifier with your projector with built-in speaker to either bypass or enhance the speaker sound.
  • You can connect either the projector or the media source with the Bluetooth speaker if they feature Bluetooth tech.

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How to Connect to Projector Wirelessly

  • If you have a smart projector, you can use its Wi-Fi and networking capabilities to connect wirelessly to smart-complaint HDTVs or computers.
  • If you have a non-smart or standard projector, you can attach a wireless transducer and receiver to the media source and projector to wirelessly connect them to each other.

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How to Connect iPhone/iPad to Projector

  • You can connect your iPhone/iPad to your projector with the assistance of a Lightning to HDMI connector or adapter.
  • The E.U. has recently made the USB-C interface as the standard for all devices, so Apple might soon make iPhones and iPads with USB-C ports as well.

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03 Learn How to Connect Android to Projector

How to Connect TV to Projector 

  • You can connect your TV to your projector if it’s a smart projector with Wi-Fi and networking capabilities.
  • A standard HDMI connection can also work to link your projector and HDTV to each other.
  • If your HDTV is non-HDMI, use an HDMI to A/V adapter cable If your projector is non-HDMI, get an A/V to HDMI adapter cable.
  • You also have the option to use a projector with a matching vintage or connector as your old CRT TV.

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How to Connect Roku to Projector

  • All Roku products can connect to the HDMI port of your HDTV and modern projector.
  • It’s possible to use an adapter to link Roku to a non-HDMI or vintage projector.

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How to Connect Fire TV Stick to Projector

  • Like Roku, the Amazon Fire TV Stick can link up to any projector with its own HDMI port.
  • Use an adapter if your projector lacks an HDMI port.

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How to Connect Wii to Projector

  • The Wii has A/V and component cable ports available to it. Use either to link to a modern HDMI projector via an HDMI adapter.
  • You also have the option to use a vintage projector that can use A/V or component cables. The component is preferable because it produces the best results just short of HDMI quality.

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How to Connect Blu-Ray Player/DVD Player to Projector

  • Most modern Blu-Ray or BD players have HDMI connections to allow for HD viewing on a modern projector. Either that or DP.
  • Always remember to use the right HDMI cables as well. 4K Ultra HD BD players won’t play 4K content on your projector unless your projector is also 4K compatible and has the right premium high-speed cables available.
  • DVD players can either use HDMI or component cables to deliver their 480p to 1080p content. The most primitive of them use RCA cables.

How to Connect Receiver to Projector

  • In order to hook up an A/V or AV receiver to a projector, you need to turn off both devices first (no hot swapping).
  • Plug the audio cables into the “Audio Out” or sound ports on either side of your projector of choice.
  • Insert the other end of the audio cables into the “Aux-In” port found n the AV receiver’s rear end. From there, you should turn on both devices—the projector and the receiver.
  • The receiver has a “Source” button you need to press until the control panel of the device displays the “Aux” word.
  • You’ll also know that you’ve done the job right as soon as you hear the sound from the projector come through the AV receiver.

Can You Connect Your Device Wirelessly to a Projector?

How to Connect a Cable Box to Projector

  • Most modern cable boxes have an HDMI connector with them so you can use that to simply hot swap a projector to your cable box like you would your HDTV.
  • If you have a vintage (non-HDMI) cable box, use an adapter to connect to a modern projector or get a projector of the same vintage as your cable box. Or vice-versa.
  • Don’t use analog cable/satellite boxes on your projector. Just use the digital ones with digital signals. A projector doesn’t catch airwaves or signals as a CRT TV does, so don’t use an antenna for it either.

How to Connect GoPro/DSLR Camera/Camera to Projector  

  • Go to the Dashboard of your camera’s main screen with a swipe or button presses.
  • For GoPro, tap in Preferences, Input/Output, and HDMI Output.
  • From there, choose the camera’s live preview with the camera info and icons. You can also tap Live to see the Live preview.
  • Get a micro HDMI cable in order to connect your camera to your projector. The cable acts as an adapter for your micro HDMI port to a standard HDMI port.
  • Turn on your projector and use your camera to navigate through the projected screen.

 How to Connect Coaxial Cable to Projector  

  • To connect your coaxial audio cable to your projector, you should first make sure your projector has the right port for such a cable.
  • The coaxial digital audio cable is a valid alternative to HDMI cables that combine audio and video.
  • Connect the cable to the “Audio Out” coaxial cable ports of your projector if present then on the “Aux-In” ports of your sound system to split the audio from your projector to external speakers.
  • Don’t use coaxial cables to connect antennas, satellite, or cable boxes to your projector. Your projector is not a (CRT) TV and it mostly only works with fully digital cable/satellite boxes with HD feeds.

How Do I Airplay to a Projector?

  • Airplay is compatible with certain smart projectors along with laptops, PCs, TV boxes, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, DVD/BD players, cameras, BT speakers, and so forth.
  • Connect your smart projector to your home network through Wi-Fi or LAN. Otherwise, connect it to an Apple TV instead.
  • Connect your iOS device like an iPhone or iPad to the same Wi-Fi then enable “Airplay” by swiping the screen from the bottom.
  • Airplay itself will search for available devices, from a smart projector or an Apple TV (with the projector connected to it).
  • Finally, choose the “Enable Mirroring” option to see your iOS device screen on your Apple TV and projector or smart projector.

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How to Connect Apple TV to Projector

  • An Apple TV works like an HDTV so you can connect your projector to its HDMI port.
  • Because both TV and projector are display devices, you need to connect the other HDMI port of the Apple TV to either be connected to a cable box or a DVD/BD player as the media source device.
  • For VGA projectors, you can use the VDI to connect directly to the Apple TV.
  • Older projectors can also use DVI to connect to the TV but require the sound to come elsewhere since that’s only for video connections.
  • You can also refer to the Airplay guide in order to allow Airplay mirroring and screening of a source device to your Apple TV and projector, giving you two options for screens.


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