How to Connect Android TV Box to Projector?

An Android TV Box is like a cable box but it gives your non-smart HDTV the ability to connect to the Internet and stream things like YouTube on the small screen. With that said, can you use the TV box with your projector?

What’s an Android TV?  What does it have to do with the Android OS or the Android phone? An Android TV Box is an alternative to smart TVs and HDTVs. You can hook up this box to your current TV like a cable in order to give it online connectivity.

This device transforms your regular TV into a smart TV or a TV with online capabilities and a plethora of useful features. With that said, can your Android TV work with a projector? So how to connect the Android TV box to the projector?

How to Connect Android TV Box to Projector

Connect your projector to the Android TV box the same way you would to your HDTV. Just jam the HDMI connectors to their ports and play the box like a media player. You can also connect your projector to your TV box wirelessly via Chromecast.

If your projector is already a smart projector then hooking it up to an Android TV box is redundant. The TV box mainly works like a Roku Stick or an Amazon Fire TV Stick in that it allows your HDTV (or any other compatible display) access to YouTube and other streaming services as well as online access.

It Turns Displays like Projectors and TVs into Smart Devices

The box can turn your TV display into a gaming machine by giving access to 7,000 (free) apps and games from the Google Play Store. Long story short, the box turns your HDTV into a smart device or even a smartphone sans phone capabilities.

It can possibly turn your ordinary projector into a smart projector as well, with it acting as your monitor to basically an Android OS PC with Internet access and the ability to play mobile apps.

Read the rest of the guide in order to discover the best Android TV boxes that are worth your money and attention. This smart device is mostly used to turn an HDTV into a smart TV with Internet connectivity, but it’s also compatible with the projector.

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What to Look for When It Comes to Android TV Boxes

When searching for Android TV boxes you can use with your projector, you should go for budget-friendly and reliable gadgets. Otherwise, you might as well save up and invest in an actual smart projector or smart TV.

Pre-Installed Apps

The best Android TV boxes come with Google Android TV preinstalled, thus allowing you to enjoy Internet or streaming TV through the app and the box while the projector merely serves as the display for all this.

Te pre-installed apps allow you to get quality services out of your TV box without you having to search apps yourself.

Clean and User-Friendly Platform

Android isn’t a brand of phone or tablet. It’s an operating system, just like Windows. An Android machine like an Android phone, tablet, or TV box can come from different manufacturers but they have the Android OS in common with them.

This is different from the iOS of Apple because only Apple products can use that operating system.

Download Compatible Apps

The Android OS that comes with the Android TV box is what turns things like HDTVs and projectors into smart TVs and smart projectors. The operating system can also allow you to download compatible apps like Spotify and Netflix unto it so you can play it on your projector.

You won’t have to worry about HDCP content protection either since the box itself serves as your media player a la what usually happens with a media stick like the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Powered by the Google App Store

The Google App Store also enables you to get all sorts of apps not included with the device to use your projector like a tablet or smartphone. The limits only come from the device itself. It can’t use camera apps like the PC or smartphone because it doesn’t have a camera, for example.

Otherwise, it can play all sorts of mobile videogames and so forth like you would with a tablet or PC.

Chromecast for Wireless Connection

You can also streamcast or mirror your Android TV box contents with your projector through the pre-installed Chromecast. The best Android TV boxes should have Chromecast pre-installed but even if it’s not you should be able to download it for wireless connectivity later on.

Wireless big screen connection is usually done through projectors that work with Chromecast. It also allows you to connect to devices like your laptop, tablet, or phone for good measure.

Google Assistant for Streamlined Usage

Google Assistant is also pre-installed in many Android TV boxes, which means you’ll be assisted in various tasks such as searching the web for answers or dealing with the inner workings of your make and model of box.

Some boxes even allow you to use an app like Amazon Alexa. It can be voice-activated with simple commands. Otherwise, you can work it with the remote that comes with the box.

Internet Connectivity

One great thing about the Android TV box that your projector can benefit from is its Internet connectivity. The box connects to the Internet, downloads apps, and allows online streaming so your projector won’t have to do it all for you.

When finding the best Android TV box for your projector, you should search one that boasts high-speed processing, easy connection with your home Wi-Fi, and great technology.

Visual Appeal

An Android TV box can have a strong visual appeal like many of the game consoles in the market to date. It could also be more about function instead of form by being a sleek yet unassuming device. Aesthetics can add a lot to your home entertainment setup or system though.

You don’t want your home cinema to look like a mess, even if you are opting to use an Android TV box instead of a smart TV or smart projector for streaming purposes.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Equipping your regular TV or projector with an Android TV box is the more budget-friendly alternative to getting a smart TV or smart projector. It’s like hooking up your display to a BD player or PC. You can display anything that your BD player or PC can play or run.

A smart projector can freely connect to the Internet on its own, download its own Android TV app, and use Chromecast to connect wirelessly to various media players. The TV box turns non-smart projectors into smart projectors.


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